We are office cleaning experts. While most janitorial firms compete on price to win bids, and quickly rushing through your office barely doing more than emptying trash and giving the place a quick vacuuming, we compete strictly on quality of cleaning. When new clients hire us to clean their offices, we hear time and time again, that no other company has matched our level of cleaning excellence. Our office janitorial services includes cleaning of entryways, common areas, conference rooms, desk spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and more. We will clean and sterilize your kitchens, break rooms and bathrooms, cleaning all appliances, fixtures, counters, sinks, faucets, toilets and tables/chairs. We vacuum, mop floors, wipe and disinfect all high touch surfaces including door handles, wall switches and more. We remove all trash and recycling to outdoor receptacles. Add-on services include EPA approved, hospital grade electrostatic disinfecting services, periodic window washing and floor stripping and waxing. 

Cleaning is an investment in the health of your organization by keeping your employees healthy and productive in the workplace. The ISSA estimates that employees take an average of 7.7 sick days per year, which costs $225 billion per year in lost productivity. Unplanned absences account for a 54% decrease in productivity and a 39% drop in sales/customer services. Flu and cold symptoms account for a 3%-8% loss in productivity, while dust exposure can affect workers cognitive skills by 2%-6%. It has been found that up to 62% of surfaces in office spaces may be contaminated with viruses and there is up to an 80% probability of catching a cold or influenza when your office space is not properly cleaned from these pathogens. By regularly cleaning your space, the average 100 employee office with an average salary of $50,000 per year, can save over $250,000 in annual salaries, with only a 2%-8% productivity gain. Clean office spaces can actually generate more revenue than they cost, adding to your bottom line.